What you need to know

Lots of you may know what it feels like to experience stress, chances are you may currently be feeling stressed as you've clicked on this page.

Stress can be caused by a number of different factors, often we feel stressed due to situations we are in which can then make the situation feel difficult to cope with. If you're feeling stressed it is likely that you aren't sleeping well, may be struggling to concentrate, you may notice mood changes and physical symptoms such as headaches or muscle pains.

Lots of young people feel stress at particular times such as exams or family difficulties, this stress should pass as the situation does, however long term stress can lead to further difficulties.

  1. Remember that the situation is likely to pass, and therefore so will your level of stress
  2. Make sure you take time to relax each day (even during exam season)
  3. Be sure to continue eating healthily and exercise
  4. Try some mindful techniques and consider mindful breathing
  5. Tell somebody that you're struggling e.g teacher if exams are causing you to feel stressed
  6. Organise your time well
  7. Acknowledge what parts of the day you are least stressed, be productive during these times
  8. Take breaks when working
  9. Ask somebody if they can help/ delegate tasks where able
  10. Discuss with your public health nurse, they can support you. Text a public health nurse for confidential support on 07507 330025 (open Mon-Fri).

For further information on stress please see the resources below: